What service do you provide?

Our Services are AC Servicing, AC Repairing, New/Old AC Installation, AC Shifting, AC Water Drop, Fewer Colling, Gas Filling, Refrigerator Servicing, Oven Repair, Geyser Repair, Geyser Installation, Electrical Installation, Electrical Servicing.

How can I get a service?

If you need any service from top just give us a message via Facebook, or you can directly call us here 8801679-388666.

What is your office location?

Our office address is House #45, Road #5, Shekhertek, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.

What I will get with your service?

1. Quick response.

2. Professional technician.

3. 7 days service warranty.

4. Most importantly your satisfaction.

5. We are transparent with what we do.